About Queen Identity

Welcome Queens! 

Founded in 2018, Queen Identity's main focus and mission is to create beauty products and accessories that are affordable and make women feel beautiful and comfortable inside and out.


Queen Identity Beauty is a beauty and accessories brand that was founded in 2018 by TV Host and Vlogger Donna Clayton of Faith With Flavor and Life with Donna Vlogs. Donna has always been a girlie girl who grew up playing with her mother’s make up and learned how to do her own make up for on camera experiences due to her career as a TV Host. She is on a journey to trail blaze a path for quality affordable beauty products that are merged with faith inspiration.  


The Dream that started it all

One day, Donna had a dream where she met her creator and he laid a beautiful gold crown upon her head as she kneeled down before Him. This crown was no ordinary crown, in fact it was larger than life and covered in beautiful gemstones. In this dream, He spoke to her clearly saying “Donna, from the first moment that you said yes to me and allowed me to come into your heart and be your God, it was from that moment that I crowned you and made you a queen because of who your King is. When Donna woke up from this dream she felt so incredibly confident and able to do anything she set her mind to do. She felt like she truly was royalty. Donna thought to herself what if every woman could wake up every single day with this kind of confidence?  Queen Identity was born because of this dream.

Why Queen Identity?

Queen Identity is the identity every woman should have to feel confident and beautiful in their own skin. It is our desire to create beauty products and accessories that are affordable and make women feel beautiful and comfortable inside and out.  “Favor and Grace are yours to take.” Donna discovered this after her life giving dream, Esther 2:17.

“And the king loved Esther above all the women, and she obtained grace and favor in his sight more than all the virgins, so that he set the royal crown upon her head, and made her queen.…”


You are a queen, wear your identity proudly.


Our products are hand crafted using 100% cruelty free faux mink lashes. We are proud to partner with amazing vendors that not only maintain our high-quality standards but also maintain a healthy, happy, and up to code work environment for their employees.


We believe in an Eco-Chic green environment and make all our lash boxes out of highly recyclable packaging. We love animals and pledge to keep our products CRUELTY-FREE forever!  We want to ensure that every time you wear Queen Identity Beauty products you feel confident and proud of your purchase.